Small bumps or scratches occur during the driving process, causing the car body to have different degrees of car dents or scratches (the primer is not damaged in most cases). Some people spray paint, just change into a new piece of clothing, but it’s not really the case. This is why original car paint is so important. What is original car paint?

It’s a concept, not an item like a mobile phone screen. Compared to a car left from a factory to paint, the original car paint cannot be compared. It is therefore important to protect the original paint. Don’t paint without primer.

Repairs vs. originals:

Original paint consists of primer, medium paint, base paint, and varnish. It is impossible to repair the original primer if the primer has been rubbed off during touch up. Primers, which are immersed in paint pools in auto factories and attached to them by cathodic electrophoresis, cannot be reproduced after leaving the factory. It is usually paint after phosphating treatment that is used for touch-up paint, which cannot be compared with the original primer.

To refinish one side of the body, the original factory paint must be sanded off first, destroying the valuable original paint. Don’t rush to touch up a little dent or scratch just because it’s small. A repainted car immediately depreciates.

It is clear that the original factory paint is a high-temperature paint baked at least above 130 degrees Celsius, which has better adhesion; and the repair paint is usually baked at about 80 degrees Celsius. Adhesion is poor.

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