Over time, the color of the car paint will cause visual fatigue. Change the color directly and effectively with car wrap film. The original car paint will not be damaged, but it will also protect it. It can easily restore the original color.

There is simply no way to describe pink, but the pink body color-changing film is attached, adding independence, strength, and non-kitsch confidence to the weak.

Flip wrap candy pink vinyl wrap is full of girly hearts. A simple and pure pink at first glance. When the installation is complete, the whole car is soft and shiny, flowing with a romantic and fresh vibe. A sparkling purple-pink fantasy will appear on the body under the effect of light and shadow.

Youth should never be defined, to live the way you like, even when busy and toiled, as long as you sit in your car, your body passes through neon lights and the colors change. Wrapping a car in color is different.

You can always think of sweet first love when you see pink and candy, change your car into a dreamy color flip car wrap candy pink gloss car wrap. I like colors blended together without violating harmony. The whole car changes color with changing viewing angles. This film is colorful, pleasing to the eye, has a very nice feel, similar to the texture of a car paint, and when it is torn off, there will be no traces. Additionally, it protects the paint. There are multiple uses for it.

Vinyl film is used for the car vinyl wrap. It can be attached to the original paint of the car. Stable structure, weatherproof, fully removable glue, good air conduction effect, easy installation, firm paste, no leftover glue after removal, no damage to car paint, dry no foaming, no discoloration, no breaking, UV resistance, acid rain resistance, no fading, all-round tight fit to the whole car, no cracking or warping, just like original paint. Change the color of the car body, paint or pull flowers as you like, without damaging the original paint. In the same color, there is no color difference between different parts. Restore the original paint by peeling off the film.

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