Discover our wide range of for cars and cover all those elements you want with a unique texture and excellent quality, as our films are designed to last up to 10 years outside which will allow you to have covered and protected spaces for a long time and without any concern. Have I already told you about Car-Vinyl-Wrap carbon fiber vinyl wrap? At Car-Vinyl-Wrap we offer you an imitation carbon vinyl of superior quality.

Our moldable carbon fiber vinyl sheets will allow you to make your decorations in a very simple way, because of its incredible characteristics, its placement will be easy and practical, in addition these fantastic sheets that have first class materials, will allow you to make a constant cleaning, easy and without inconvenience.

Take advantage of the black carbon fiber vinyl wrap in this section and give a special change to those parts of your vehicles such as the steering wheel, roof, hood, bumper among others that due to their constant use look worn out and need better protection. Also renew any surface that needs a change by lining it with one of our carbon fiber stickers.

Decorate all those old and worn out spaces with these great carbon stickers, since at Car-Vinyl-Wrap we offer you a more personalized service, you will be able to obtain your stickers with the exact measurements you need so that the decoration is perfect and adjusted to each particular place.

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