Taking Our Purple Car Wrap on the Road

ADT (Air Drain Technology) is used to wrap cars and motorbikes with Purple Wraps. Air Drain Technology allows bubble-free installation of the self-adhesive car vinyl, regardless of the curvature. It can be applied to your car’s exterior and interior, as well as motorcycle fairings.

Vinyl Wrap Purple

We developed Car-Vinyl-Wrap Purple car wraps to cover fleets and personal passenger cars for very long periods of time. The cast construction and thickness of these purple wraps allow them to easily conform to curves, studs, and corrugations. The clear coat prevents lamination.

The color purple exudes a sense of mystery that is often irresistible. Wrapping a car in purple creates a piece of art with indescribable charm. Whether glossy, matte, chrome or another finish, Car-Vinyl-Wrap comes in many purple options for a unique aesthetic, such as dark purple wrap, metallic purple wrap, midnight purple wrap. Other design items can be covered in purple car wraps. Choose your favorite and create it.

Do it yourself-it’s a special day for purple wrap

Our color may just attract you. You don’t know that we are not only known for our colors, but also for our high quality products. Please contact us if you need more details. Feel free to contact us. You just need a new purple dress for your car to set off its “temperament”. The heart is better than action, so buy more to save more!

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