Protected from UV rays and water

Easy installation with invisible air-release channel

Self-adhesive, eliminates bubbles, peel and stick

A glossy finish


Soap and water clean

The product lasts about 10 years indoors and 5 years outdoors

Additionally, it can be applied to cell phones, laptops, home appliances, tables, cabinets, and more

Wrap your car in vinyl for any occasion. The material is also used in car interiors, fenders, bicycles, electronics, kitchen cabinets, and more.

Using this can help protect the paintwork of your car while giving the bodywork and interior a fresh look. All sizes, shapes, and profiles are available for the wrap.


A Laser White Car Wrap with gloss texture is like a rainbow reflected on the vehicle, shining brightly, making people yearn for it.

Good air permeability, no irritating odor, clear and orderly air guide grooves.

A uniform color with full luster on the car.

After blowing hot air, it can be softened and stretched, and the color is uniform.

Product texture is hard and does not scratch easily.

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