Glitter Finish: What Is It?

The glitter vinyl film is exactly what it sounds like: it sparkles, glistens, gleams, gleams, glints, glistens, scintillates, sparkles, twinkles, and winks in the light.

Wraps made for DIYers

This Glitter wrap is heat-adhesive and self-adhesive to provide dimensional stability. You get the results you want without painting or dipping with Car-Vinyl-Wrap vinyl wrapping films. Save yourself time, money, and frustration by using our Glitter vinyl instead of painting or dipping.

What can I do with Glitter Film?

Wraps can be used anywhere. The surface should be non-porous (no holes), hard, and clean before wrapping. Among the most popular end uses for this film are:

UI dashboards

Mirrors, hoods, and fenders



Golf Carts



and more…

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