Wrap-Vinyl-Wrap Color Flip Wrap

The look of shade-shifter is achieved with Car-Vinyl-Wrap Color Flip film. You’ll love this eye-catching shade-shifter vinyl wrap for its stunning chameleon effect. Colors cycle from one end of the spectrum to the other. Six great styles like Deep Space Gloss Flip, Gloss Flip Electric Wave, Volcanic Flare Satin Flip are available. Due to its dual-cast and two-layer color design, this Car-Vinyl-Wrap film is resistant to discoloration or deformation when installed.

Besides their ease of use, you’ll also be pleased to know that we don’t require minimum order quantities for this Car-Vinyl-Wrap Color Flip vinyl. It’s up to you how much you order!

With Car-Vinyl-Wrap films, you get both performance and confidence. A simple, straightforward experience is what Car-Vinyl-Wrap films offer. With their self-adhesive, pressure-activated adhesives and air-release channels, they achieve bubble-free results without using additional glue. Use heat and squeegee it on the interior or exterior surface.

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