Car vinyl wraps in chrome

Designed to make your ride look great and accent the paint or chrome of your vehicle. Made of a durable, glossy, satin chrome film, the vinyl is designed to enhance your vehicle’s appearance without looking too shiny.

Currently, Car-Vinyl-Wrap offers only two matte finish chrome colors with a silky finish. Silk chrome. Many wrappers like chrome colors, especially mirror chrome. In addition, satin chrome and matte chrome are available. It is difficult to remove the silver layer from the color layer on the car paint when wrapping a chrome color. Unlike Car-Vinyl-Wrap, which makes chrome with an adhesive layer that solves the above issues.

Car-Vinyl-Wrap’s luster chrome vinyl wraps are perfect for adding a touch of shine. The satin chrome finish makes this vinyl wrap even glossier and more durable.

Satin chrome vinyl wraps are for those who don’t want to add ostentatious shimmer or prefer a matte look. They want a wrap that is halfway between glossy and matte – with just the right amount of shine.

Care tips for silver vinyl

Satin chrome vinyl wraps require more care than matte or glossy vinyl wraps. Chrome finishes are more susceptible to scratches and cuts. Cleaning the wrap with anything abrasive will prevent this. For all wraps, avoid polishes and cutting compounds. As with solvents and oil-based cleaners. pH-neutral products without detergents are only allowed.

Avoid dust resting on your vehicle. Squash bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, or other difficult stains should be removed immediately. Also any fuel spill. The wrap can be severely damaged by these. Rub alcohol works well for spot cleaning and isolated stains.

Due to its delicate nature, satin chrome vinyl wraps should only be hand washed. For cleaning the main body, two buckets are sufficient. Separate buckets can be used for wheels. The first bucket should be filled with the car wash shampoo specially recommended for satin chrome vinyl wraps.

Ensure that the vehicle is clean and free of dust and contaminants before washing. The wrap will be less likely to be scratched. As soon as the vehicle is washed, make sure it is dried immediately and not allowed to soak in water. Dry it quickly. Protect the wrap surface by using a microfiber soft towel.

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